A nice twist

Hello Open Academy people! Our next post is in the oven and will soon be ready. We’re taking a slight different turn on business talk and within it we will be chatting about local business, specifically home services such as plumbing or plastering. Now this may bore a few of you, but like any other business they’re just as important, and deserve their place on this blog.

Documenting the advances in security technology

Hello Open Academics!

Welcome back. Cynthia here, and this post you’re reading will be about advances in security technology, specifically the changes in the developments of padlocks.

The everyday lock is the universal method of keeping any household item safe and secure. It has been used successfully for centuries, and even in the safest of environments, we’d still be lost without them.

In the past few decades, as technology has quickly (almost exponentially) been accelerating forward, naturally developments and improvements have been made across the board, and the security niche isn’t an exception.

Many new locks are developed and released each year, hoping to improve upon the standard lock that so many of us use in our day to day lives. The trouble with them, despite their sturdiness, is that they are not impenetrable, and occasionally they can be broken, leaving whatever it is they are protecting, exposed.

So, in recent years, new physical security tools have been developed in order to overcome this problem. Many have been very good and practical. But few have suitably done the job as of yet. However now, a new padlock is being developed that looks as if it could solve the problem.

Smart locks that have been developed in recent times have done a reasonable job. Many of them can start an alarm as soon as they sense they are being mishandled, just like in the video above. But what happens if no one is around to hear this alarm? Nothing. The burglary is not prevented, and the criminal gets away with it. But now, a new lock called Qlock is in development and is hoping to change all this.

Once you have one, you can configure it with a mobile device of your choice. As soon as the lock is man-handled and tampered with it senses this and instantly sends a message/call to that very mobile. This means that as soon as your possessions are in jeopardy, you know about it. No matter where you are – even if you’re out of the country on holiday. This information gives you the time to make a decision and alert a friend or the police – something I believe will prevent many crimes in future years. Please take a look at the website to learn more about it.

The Doors Are Open

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